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🇱🇹 Laimis Gevorkian closes Day1 A in the lead!

Entries 106/ Left 11

Day 1A of the Balkan Poker Circuit concluded ahead of schedule, with only 15 out of the planned 16 levels played. The action stopped as per the rules once 10% of the field remained.

Therefore, 11 players qualified today out of 106 entries (60 unique players and 46 re-entries).

The day's best performer is the Lithuanian 🇱🇹 Laimis Gevorkian, who ended with 845,000 chips. Given the total number of entries, this excellent result puts him in a strong position for Day 2. When play resumes, with blinds at 8K/16K and an ante of 16K, he will start with 52 big blinds.

The Top 5

Right behind the day’s chip leader, we have Czech player Jaroslav Rytíř with 758,000 chips, followed by his fellow countryman Petr Zapletal with 753,000.

Two Ukrainian players are racing out the Top 5: Vladyslav Pohribnyi with 693,000 chips and Bohdan Shtemenko with 602,000 chips. Below is the ranking of the 11 players who qualified for Day 2 from Day 1A.

Unofficial Chipcount


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