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🇭🇺 Sandor Mate takes down Day1 E!

Entries 415/Left 44

Day1 E of the Balkan Poker Circuit has just closed, with 415 total entries, including re-entries (303 single entries and 112 re-entries).

Considering today's 415 and 802 from the previous flights, the total number rises to 1,217, with 131 qualifiers (today's 44 plus the 87 from the four previous flights).

The best performance of the day belongs to the Hungarian Sandor Mate (pictured above), who closes the biggest envelope containing 1,080,000 chips, effectively entering the Top 5 overall.

Due to obvious language barriers and a lack of willingness to make statements from the day's star player, we cannot publish the usual interview.

The Top 5

Today's Top 5, in addition to the aforementioned Sandor Mate at the head of the pack, features Germany's Majed Aziz at 1,034,000, followed by Hungary's Kovacs Zoltan Istvan (981,000).

Completing the Top 5 is Germany's Jerger Gino Walter 916,000 and compatriot Dr. Aufleger with 807,000. The full count with all the qualifiers from Day1 E follows.

Unofficial Chipcount


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