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🇩🇪 "Zappa" rocks on Day2, 40 left on Final Day!

Entries 3512/ Left 40

We are at last at the final act of this splendid event, the Main Event of the Balkan Poker Circuit, which totalled 3,512 entries and will resume this afternoon with the last 40 survivors ready to battle to reach the final table.

The prize pool generated was €500,460, while the winner will receive a €70,500 prize plus a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event worth €10,000 (as well as the first six positions).

The best of all today, with a stack of 13,375,000 (more than three times the tournament average) is Germany's ‘Zappa’ (pic above). Below is his comment at the end of the day:

‘I'm really tired. It was a very intense day because I started at 11 a.m. Turbo flight and played practically non-stop until 3 a.m. It was a real marathon, but I'm very satisfied, and now I have at least half an hour of driving ahead of me.’

The Top 5

Today's Top 5 consists of, in addition to the aforementioned ‘Zappa’, Czech Jiri Hodac (11,800,000), Frenchman Mohamed Ouassini Aissaoiu (11,325,000), Romanian “MARIO” (9,050,000) and German “Lucky761”.

Michele D'Angelo, the protagonist in the afternoon flight played yesterday, Davide Cigliano, chip leader at Day1 F and the local ‘chiKKita BanAAna’ also qualified for the Final Day. Below is the complete ranking of the 40 finalists, including the seat redraw.

Unofficial Chipcount


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