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🇮🇹 Davide Cigliano unstoppable on Day1 F

Entries 823/Left 85

The first of the two flights scheduled for today, Day 1F, has just concluded, advancing another 85 players to Day 2 on Sunday out of a total of 823 entries, which include 522 unique players and 301 re-entries.

The best performer today was the Italian Davide Cigliano, who, with 1,269,000 chips, took second place overall. Below are his warm impressions.

"The flight started very badly because I played very few hands for several levels, remaining practically with the initial stack. Then, after the first few breaks, partly because of the rather recreational level of players, I managed to make a few chips, both in bluffs and for value.

I wasn't overly lucky; the only preflop showdown was a coin-flip won in the early stage of the tournament with A-K vs 9-9; it was a nice trapping hand with A-A where someone squeezed and dived, let's say. Towards the end, I had the right stack to push, also because the players wanted to pass the day at my table, and I managed to increase the stack by 30% without risking too much."

La Top 5

In addition to the aforementioned Davide Cigliano, the Israeli “Kingfish” is in second place with 1,109,500 chips, followed by another Italian, Francesco Perrupato, with 1,104,000 chips.

The Spaniard Jordi Cayuela Asensio (1,086,000) and the German Florian Bock (998,000) complete the top five. Below is the complete chip count with all 85 qualifiers from Day 1F.

Unofficial Chipcount


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