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🇩🇪 'Fl_Orian' puts on a show at Day1 E

Entries 654/ Left 66

Today's first flight, Day1 E, closed just before 11 pm, with 654 entries, taking 66 players to Day2, in addition to the 69 already qualified in the first four Day1s.

As we write this, Day 1 F is also underway, exactly in the left wing of the main poker room, thanks to which we can already announce that we have surpassed 1,200 entries in a single day... CLICK HERE to see the detailed weekend plan).

The best of all at Day1 E is the German 'Fl_Orian' (photo below) who, thanks to his 1,342,000 stack, jumps to the top of the overall count. Here are his warm words:

"It was quite an up and down but in the end, it all went very well. I ran into Aces twice and in one of them, I managed to win with K-K taking a K on the board.

Towards the end, I hero-called my opponent with Top Pair no kicker on a very 'drawy' board where my opponent might have had a good portion of the bluffing range and he did.

The spot that launched me though is a 3-way showdown where I have Q-Q against J-J and 4-4 and my Pair of Queens held up...

I'm not a 100% pro, the truth is I have a really good job and until now I've played almost exclusively online, in fact, this is my first time at King's.

The live game is very different from the online but I have to admit I did pretty well!"

The Top 5

The second place in the count bears the sign of the Italian Angelo Fiorentino, who by a handful of blinds fails to overtake the day's chip leader (he will close at 1,309,000) after winning an all-in with J-J > A-7 on the very last hand. His performance nonetheless allows him to start from a privileged position, as he currently occupies second place in the overall tally.

Switzerland's Christian Niederer, third in today's count and overall with 1,208,000, can also be satisfied, followed by Czech "malibu" (1,142,000) and Lithuania's Danas Dambrauskas at 1,138,000. Below is the full list of Day 2 qualifiers via Day 1 E.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Fl_Orian Igstadt Germany 1342000

  2. Angelo Fiorentino SANTERAMO Italy 1309000

  3. Christian Niederer St. Gallen Switzerland 1208000

  4. malibu Bakov nad Jizerou Czech Republic 1142000

  5. Danas Dambrauskas ELEKTRENAI Lithuania 1138000

  6. PizzaIolo Rutesheim Germany 1067000

  7. Iosif Balint Horgești Romania 937000

  8. Sergio Ruiz Capel Grafstal Spain 921000

  9. Mohamed Ouassini Aissaoui Asnières-sur-Seine France 858000

  10. Fabien Henry Baldelli Saint-Jean-de-Védas France 855000

  11. Francesco Ottaviano Lampertheim Italy 810000

  12. Milad Sheva Frankfurt Germany 783000

  13. Ufuk Yildirim Copenhagen Denmark 754000

  14. Danilo Cisternino FASANO Italy 680000

  15. Devy Scattone Vise Belgium 662000

  16. Darius Sakevicius Vilnius Lithuania 615000

  17. Sergio Riitano 121 Italy 608000

  18. Frank Kornau Dresden Germany 589000

  19. Povilas Astasauskas Garliava Lithuania 587000

  20. Philipp Miesl 5061 Elsbethen Austria 557000

  21. Momo LAAKIRCHEN Bosnia and Herzegovina 540000

  22. Konrad Detlef Werner Nather MUNCHN Germany 540000

  23. Vitali Mahileuski Minsk Belarus 525000

  24. Endrit Haxhia siena Albania 512000

  25. Silvio Gruppuso Trapani Italy 510000

  26. King George Lüneburg Germany 508000

  27. CHRIS07 Lengwil Germany 506000

  28. Chrisj.1 LINNICH Germany 504000

  29. Dor Shlomo Edry Givat Ela Israel 479000

  30. Wolfgang Streb Laudenbach Germany 448000

  31. Alexey Mishuk HOLON Israel 444000

  32. Arthur Cazaux WIEN Germany 442000

  33. Antonino Caleca Castellammare del Golfo Italy 431000

  34. Emanuele Brudaglio 14 Italy 418000

  35. Adrian Iacob Suceava Romania 404000

  36. Fabian Lange Bochum Ost Germany 404000

  37. Pawel Zawadowicz HALINOW Poland 400000

  38. Nicola Sasso Bisceglie Italy 396000

  39. Johannes Park Skak Vejle Denmark 396000

  40. Santo Gallo Langenthal Switzerland 371000

  41. Bogdan Alexandru Tilica Suceava Romania 348000

  42. Andrea Iocco Buje Italy 346000

  43. Ionnis Georgopoulos ATHINS Greece 342000

  44. Marc Marcel Eicher Wilen (Sarnen) Switzerland 338000

  45. Tibor Hoffmann wien Hungary 327000

  46. Arman BIELEFELD Netherlands 309000

  47. Dursun Ali Orta DABROWA Turkey 286000

  48. Adrian Hyseni Locorotondo Albania 278000

  49. Armand Muratoglu Zeytinlik France 272000

  50. Ciprian Paunescu HUNEDOARA Romania 268000

  51. Massimiliano Lucchetti 2 Italy 262000

  52. Susan's husband Lörrach Germany 241000

  53. Tiberio Siliberti 54 Italy 236000

  54. MARIO BUCURESTI Romania 230000

  55. Aliaksei Ivanou VITEBSK Belarus 222000

  56. Milos Nemeth Bratislava Slovakia 210000

  57. Mihail Atanasov Kamburov Augsburg-Innenstadt Bulgaria 205000

  58. Giuseppe Dell Omo Aversa Italy 192000

  59. DRETZ Botoșani Romania 185000

  60. Paolo Calculli Gravina in Puglia Italy 177000

  61. Christoph Tanner MUENCHENBCHSEE Switzerland 171000

  62. GLADIATOR BRUXELLES Romania 165000

  63. MALITO Baunatal Germany 153000

  64. Vitalii Shcherba Vinnytsia Ukraine 142000

  65. Mr. Honey Jerusalem Israel 139000

  66. Markus Ganglbauer WALDNEUKIRCHEN Austria 70000


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