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🇨🇿 Josef Dvorak ahead of the count on Day1 C

Entries 212/Left 24

Day 1C of the Balkan Poker Circuit, the third flight scheduled for this week, has just ended. There were 212 entries, adding 24 qualifiers to the list of participants for Sunday's Day2.

It was the flight with the most entries, after the 106 from Day 1A and the 121 from Day 1B. On the other hand, the total number of qualifiers rises to 49, considering the 25 from the first two flights and today's 24. The best performer today is the Czech Josef Dvorak, who finishes the day as the chip leader with a stack of 1,287,000 chips. Below are his impressions of the day:

‘The key hands today? I had a nice bluff catch, a semi-bluff, and a cooler to the favour that for a 500k pot, A-A vs. K-K. It was a good flight overall. The last hand? I decided to flat my opponent's 3-bet with A-K because I don't like to 4-bet fold that hand and prefer to play it post-flop.’

On board Q-Q-9-x-9, Josef check-flops the first street, and then the two of them check-check to the river:

‘On the river, it's useless to bluff because I have showdown value with the Ace, and I don't think I can get Pairs to fold considering the size of the pot. Yes, I play here regularly. I've had some good results over the last couple of years, even if I recently busted just short of the final table in some big events, including the 500K GTD Slovenian Poker Tour, where I finished 11th. Hopefully, I'll do better this time!’

The Top 5

The second in today's count is the Swiss CimBomBom, with 688,000 chips, followed by the German Grindrer OG, with 664,000. Completing the top 5 are the French Clement Henry Cure, with 653,000, and the Ukrainian Lucky777UA, with 639,000. Below is the complete chip count for Day 1C.

Unofficial Chipcount


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