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🇸🇰Lukas Pazma wins FPF Main Event

Entries 2515

It was a really good battle and in the end, even the Main Event of the France Poker Festival has a winner: it is Lukas Pazma.

Twenty-five people showed up at 2 p.m. sharp today to try to get their hands on the trophy and the €100,000 first prize, and after three levels of play the profile of the nine finalists was already outlined.

🇳🇱Rens Buijs (48BB)

🇩🇪"Der Psychopath" (44BB)

🇮🇹Simone Piazzini (43BB)

🇫🇷Etienne Zeggai (40BB)

🇦🇹"Golub" (38BB)

🇵🇱Maciej Srutwa (29BB)

🇩🇪"Loopo" (24BB)

🇰🇷 Johannes Skak (23B)

🇸🇰"Lakyluk17" (23BB)

The pre-final table phase

There were several shakeups before the final table was reached. The most solid was "Der Psychopath," aggressive to the point for this type of field and good at combining bluffs and value throughout the tournament.

The most striking exploit was that of 🇳🇱Rends Buijs, who confessed to us that he has only been playing for 10 months despite the fact that the 26-year-old Dutchman is quite prepared. In fact, he is the one who looks at everyone from the other side at the beginning of the final table.

Also worth mentioning is the great climb of Simone Piazzini, calm and decisive at the right moments and able to manage the stack in a masterful way from the early stages of the final day.

The final table was really not bad at all, with several prepared players putting on a good show: CLICK HERE to review the action in streaming.

Here is the payout the finalists played for


2. 55.000€

3. 38.800€

4. 28.100€

5. 22.500€

6. 18.000€

7. 13.800€

8. 9.700€

9. 7.433€

And now let's review the highlights of the final table elimination by elimination!

Etienne Zeggai is the ninth-place finisher

Blinds 250/500K, ante 500K

Rens Buijs opens from UTG2 with A♥️ Q♦️ and 20 blinds behind, Piazzini decides to play K♦️ K♣️ in slowplay and just calls, tacitly inviting Etienne Zeggai from HJ with A♦️ Q♥️ to put all the chips in the middle for about 20BB.

Suffered but obliged the fold by the Dutchman, crystal clear the call by Piazzini who comes to the showdown with a clear advantage, also considering Buijs hand.

The board reads 3♠️ J♣️ J♠️8♥️ J♦️ and Etienne Zeggai closes in ninth place for €7,433.

Simone Piazzini wins a saucer of more than 20 million to be chip leader with 8 left.

Johannes Skak closes in eighth place

Blinds 250/500K, ante 500K

It's all decided preflop: Johannes Skak open-shove A-10 off suited for about 21 BB, everyone folds and the BB, "Der Psychopath," calls with pocket Queens.

The board 8♦️10♣️ 4♣️4♥️ K♠️ does not smile at the Korean who waves goodbye to everyone in eighth place cashing €9,700. "Der Psychopath", on the other hand, returns to second place thanks to the pot of over 40 blinds forfeited in this spot.

Maciej Srutwa closes in 7th place

Blinds 300/600K, ante 600K

Left with a decade of BBs, Poland's Maciej Srutwa finds himself Q♥️ Q♦️ from UTG and goes straight all-in. From HJ "Loopo" pins A♥️ Q♠️ only makes a call with a stack of 25 BB total. Opponents to his left fold and it's a showdown.

The flop 2♣️ K♣️ 9♦️ looks harmless, the turn 8♣️ almost reassuring. However, it takes an A♠️ to close the contest in favor of "Loopo," who together with the other five finalists, wins a ticket to the Main Event of the next WSOPE. Maciej Srutwa has to settle for €13,800.

"Golub" is the 6th-place finisher

Blinds 300/600K, ante 600K

"Golub", after always being in the mid-to-high parts of the count, finds himself playing short stack in the hottest phase of the tournament and decides to go all-in with A♣️ 3♣️ from HJ for about 8 BB.

From CO "Loopo" finds himself with 10♠️ 10♣️ in his hand and has no choice but to place chips in between. Instead of going all-in he opts for a click 3-bet to 10 million, enough to put his opponents off and play the showdown to two.

The board is as follows: 4♠️ 7♥️ 9♥️ 3♠️ Q♥️, "Loopo" cashes another pot, and "Golub" lands in sixth place for €18,000 and 10K tickets to the WSOPE Main.

"Loopo" out in 5th place

Blinds 400/800K, ante 800K

The dynamics at the table are quite tight and "Loopo" is in an uncomfortable position in terms of stack. On the opening with Pair of Tens from Rens Buijs in UTG position, he decides that 5♣️ 3♣️ may be a good candidate for a double-up and shoves his 6 big blinds into the middle of the table.

It goes to a two-man showdown and the board Q♣️ Q ♥️ 4♥️ 3♠️ 5♥️ proves irrelevant to his purposes, handing him a €22,500 prize and a ticket to the WSOPE Main.

"Der Psychopath" is the fourth-place finisher

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

BTN vs SB dynamic between "Der Psychopath" and Rens Buijs, in which the German finds himself opening with K♣️ 3♠️ to 2.8x with 20x behind. Buijs simply calls covering him in stack and turns over the flop: 9♦️ 2♠️ 10♣️.

Check, Bet 60% for "Der Psychopath" and Belgian call. The turn is a 10♠️, New check, Original Raiser bets 5.8M with 8 and something behind, new call by the opponent.

The river is an 8♦️, "Der Psychopath" goes all-in for a third of the pot and Buijs finds the strength to call with Pair of Sevens, sending the German home with €28,100.

Rens Buijs finishes in third place

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

Seven BBs in dynamic SB vs BB with Q♣️ 8♣️ means only one thing for the Belgian: all-in.

Simone Piazzini from big blind has a K♦️ and a 7♥️ and has no choice but to call.

It goes to showdown, here is the board: 2♥️ A♥️ 5♠️ 4♥️ 4♣️. Rens Buijs settles for the bronze medal and a €38,800 prize. It's a heads-up.


Blinds Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

Simone Piazzini starts with a 5 : 1 advantage over his opponent (100 million for the Italian and about twenty for the Slovak.

After the first hand, however, the opponent manages to hit a double-up and the situation becomes complicated. Once they were back to even stacks the decisive hand came within minutes.

Lukas Pazma wins the FpF Main Event

Blinds Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

The spot that hands the trophy to Lukas Pazma is as follows: opens Simone in position with 3♠️ 6♠️, defends Lukas from BB with K ♣️ 2♦️.

C-bet small to Simone, raise 2.5x by the Slovak, and call on the flop: 3♣️ K♦️ K♠️.

The 7♥️ is a good card to continue the aggression and Lukas places another bet, about half a pot, Simone calls

On the river falls a 3♥️ which gives Simone full house as well, Lukas still bets half pot, but vSimone thinks about it and goes all-in. Snap-call by Lukas and first prize of 100k against the 55k reserved for the runner-up.


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