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🇩🇪 "MagicMan" did the magic on Day1 H!

Entries 587/ Left 110

The last chance to qualify for Day 2 at 17:00, Day1 H, had 587 entries (including re-entries), taking another 110 players to the next tournament stage.

The best of them all, after a last hand that allowed him to increase his stack by 30%, was the German ‘MagicMan’ who, at the end of the day, could count on 935,000 chips. Below are his impressions at the end of the day.

I always play the Sunday Turbo and always have fun! Today went particularly well. I ran well, had good starting hands, and closed my draws. I also enjoyed talking to you!

The last hand? I don't understand how he could call (‘Magic Man’ defends the BB with 6-5o and, after check-checking on the flop Q-3-4, decides to bet on Turn 2, finding the Original Raiser call, who on Q River calls all-in with 7-7, ed.) there were so many hands that could have beaten him! And then he checked on the flop, if he had played differently I don't know if it would have gone the same way, he gave me an important free card... Am I the chip leader? Great, I couldn't have asked for better!’

The Top 5

In addition to the day's star player, ‘MagicMan,’ we find the Hungarian Olekszandr Lizanec (pictured above) in second position at 845,000, followed by the Czech Jan Prokes with 836,000 (bottom right in the gallery above).

Completing the Top 5 are Mahir Bayram (755,000) and Andreas Stiegler (617,000). The full Day1 H count follows.

Unofficial Chipcount



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