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🇨🇭 Easy game for Biagio De Frino at Day1 E

Entries 101/ Left 14

The fifth flight goes to the archives here at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, for the Warriors Main Event and a further 14 qualified for Day2 tomorrow afternoon.

The entry counter stopped at 101 on Day1 E, bringing the total to 605 with Day1 F underway as we write. The total number of qualifiers rose to 83.

The best player today, as well as the second player able to write a 7-digit number on the envelope, is Biagio De Frino from Switzerland who at the end of the day can boast a million chips to take to Day2:

"It was a special day because initially not much happened, then at the table change I had a player with about 400,000 in front of me and in four hits I managed to take it all from him!

The field was quite soft and with a big stack, I managed to put the right amount of pressure on my opponents. No, I am not a professional but I have been playing for 30 years and I run a poker club in French Switzerland, so let's say I have some experience.

I can read players well, understand their style of play and adapt easily. This is my second time here in Liechtenstein and I can't complain at all!"

To catch up on all the action of the day, just take a look at our LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK.

The Top 5

Biagio De Frino's performance, worth second place in the overall count, is unmatched by the other qualifiers. However, Michael Koran's 466,000 chips earned him second place in today's count.

Third place for Turbo Poker at 411,000, followed by Bababarassus (400,000) and Thos M. G. (294,000). The complete list of qualifiers from Day1 E follows.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Biagio De Frino 1,000,000

  2. Michael Koran 466,000

  3. Turbo Poker 411,000

  4. Bababarassus 400,000

  5. Thos M. G. 294,000

  6. Patrick Schratz 285,000

  7. Zoltan Bene 245,000

  8. Herbert Oberholzer 213,000

  9. Rawjee Baleewante 185,000

  10. Mandhukar Pandya 164,000

  11. Avni Krasniqi 115,000

  12. DG 108,000

  13. 83-83 97,000

  14. Sebastian Fink 69,000


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