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🇨🇭 Claudio Piceci with style on Day1 D

Entries 188/ Left 25

Day1 D of the Warriors' Main Event at the GCPoker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein, ended with 188 entries and 25 new qualifiers.

Today's prize money was also awarded to the 3 best stacks from Day1 C and B thanks to the "Chipleader Bonuses" mode which guaranteed 5 thousand francs to the first, 3 thousand to the second, and 2 thousand to the third.

Before going into the details of the day however, let's make a general recap: thanks to the 316 entries totaled in the first three days, the total number of entries reached 504, with 69 qualifiers (today's 25 plus the 44 from the previous days).

Taking advantage of the 'Chipleader Bonuses' mode in the best possible way was Claudio Piceci, chip leader at Day1 D with the third stack overall thanks to the 624,000 chips he bagged. And to say that until one level before the close his stack was certainly not among the best:

"Let's say I was lucky...- Claudio said at the end of the Day - The decisive hand came right towards the end: I received a 3-bet from the BB on my opening with K-Q and, on flop A-J-x my opponent bets 1/4 pot, I call. The turn is a 10, he bets big this time and I just call.

On a blank river, he decides to go all-in for about 170,000 and at that point, all I have to do is to call as I'm having the best hand. He turns A-A, set on the flop..."

To cover all the day's action just take a look at our LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK.

The Top 5

In addition to the aforementioned Piceci, who cashes in for CHF 5,000, both the second in the count and the third can still rejoice at the smaller prizes. Specifically, Rene Kistler (581,000) cashes CHF3,000, while Michael Birchler (569,000) takes home CHF2,000.

Emmella (559,000) and Allegro (539,000) complete the Top 5. Below is the full list of the 25 qualifiers from Day1 D.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. CLAUDIO PICECI CH 624.000

  2. KISTLER RENE CH 581.000


  4.  Emmella IT 559.000

  5. Allegro DE 539.000

  6. Luca Lombardi 444.000

  7. Real CH 392.000

  8. Mustang IT 391.000

  9. Franky Blanco IT 390.000

  10. BennyG CH 338.000

  11. ROBERT RIEDMANN AT 321.000

  12. MANFRED MÜLLER CH 290.000

  13. space G CH 287.000

  14. Bruno Keller CH 283.000

  15. ALF SCHEIBE 228.000

  16. Gassi 17 214.000

  17. ANDREAS FRÖHLI AT 202.000

  18. DAMAGE CH 190.000


  20. OTTAVIO BENELLI CH 155.000

  21. Reys 117.000


  23. Magg Jack 108.000


  25. Ersin Baba DE 50.000  


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