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🇹🇷 Erdal Simsek tops Day1 F

Entries 75/ Left 10

Day1 F of the Warriors Main Event, the second flight of the day, closed with 10 more qualifiers and 75 entries, of which 48 individuals and 27 re-entries.

There were 680 entries and 93 qualifiers for Day2 this afternoon, obviously waiting for this morning's turbo flight which starts at 13:00.

Taking the lead was Turkey's Erdal Simsek (pictured above), who was able to bag 696,000 chips at the end of the Day, entering the Top 5 overall with an impressive stack of around 140 big blinds:

"It all worked out for the best," Erdal commented hotly, "The key hand? I hit flush on the flop with Q-8 on J-T-9 against an opponent who has J-J. The turn is a Q that puts me in a lot of trouble but I decide to call the all-in anyway and luckily the river is a blank that doesn't close Full House!

I'm not a pro but I love playing live, online is not for me!" To review all the day's action just take a look at our LIVE BLOG at THIS LINK.

The Top 5

Second place in the count goes to Swiss Hayati Al Lahham with 650,000 chips (last on the right in the photo above), followed by compatriot "Loli" at 370,000.

Closing out the Top 5 are two more Swiss players, "Teppich" and "Poker Tom" with 308,000 and 289,000 respectively. Symeon Alexandridis also passed after several attempts, albeit with 20 or so blinds. Below is the complete list of the 10 qualifiers from Day1 F.

Unofficial Chipcount

  1. Erdal Simsek TR 696.000

  2. Hayati Al Lahham CH 650.000

  3. Loli CH 370.000

  4. Teppich CH 308.000

  5. Poker Tom CH 289.000

  6. Brad CH 210.000

  7. Eldorado DE 174.000

  8. Christian kempf CH 140.000

  9. Symeon Alexandridis GR 94.000

  10. Bodo Skalonja CH 69.000


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