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🇦🇱 Dorjan Ushe is the White Wolf ME winner!

Updated: Jan 16

Entries 565/ Left 9

In the end, it was Dorjan Ushe who lifted the trophy to the sky, after a heads-up that was less exciting than expected as the two finalists agreed to a deal based on the ICM.

The deal, on points, rewarded the runner-up Dritan Kaleci, a constant presence in the final stages of the tournaments played here in Liechtenstein (let's not forget that this was his second runner-up in a row after the one he won at the IPO Master on 20 November (CLICK HERE for the report). However, trophy and glory went to his opponent:

"Finally! - says a beaming Dorjan - I am delighted with this result because raising a trophy to the sky is still a great satisfaction. Fortunately, I manage quite often to get to the bottom of tournaments, but finishing first has a special taste!"

The tournament

The Final Day of the White Wolf Main Event began at 13:00 with 14 players in the running for the title and, after the first two levels of play, the 6 eliminations needed came to make up the final table.

The early elimination of the Day2 chip leader, "N13 Professor", who in the space of a few hands managed to squander the advantage he had accumulated due to a few bluffs that didn't go through, was sensational.

Also surprising was the elimination of another serious candidate for the final victory, Nimetula Ramadani, who made a hero call on the turn against Saverio Carfi (it would have been a split pot) but succumbed on the river as his opponent drew one of the 5 outs available (two Aces and 3 Jacks).

The spot in a nutshell: Carfi opens, Ramadani opts for a 3-bet and his opponent calls. On the flop 6♦️ 6♣️ 2♣️ Carfi bets about 1/3 of the pot and Nimetula calls.

The turn is a 2 ♠️ and Carfi goes all-in for about 1M (new blinds 40K/80, ante 80K). Ramadani thinks about it for a while and eventually calls with A♣️ 10♦️ while Carfi mulls A♠️ J♠️.

Unfortunately for Ramadani, the river is J♣️ and Carfi wins the pot by kicking out his opponent. Little glory also for "Chris07" (14th place), Simon Peter Sennhauser (11th), and "Borat90" (9th).

And now we follow the action of the final act (which you can watch streaming by clicking on THIS LINK) elimination by elimination!

The finalists

Pos. 1. Azad Gozler 7.380.000

Pos. 2 Saverio Carfi 4.595.000

Pos. 3 “Yana” 3.530.000

Pos.4 Thanh Tung Nguyen 1.190.000

Pos.5 Dritan Kaleci 3.240.000

Pos.6 Dorian Ushe 3.700.000

Pos.7 “CK” 2.525.000

Pos.8 “F.Y.” 7.530.000

The Payout

1ST  CHF34,970

2ND CHF22,030

3RD  CHF15,770

4TH  CHF12,420

5TH  CHF 9,760

6TH  CHF7,630

7TH  CHF5,740

8TH  CHF4,000

Thanh Tung Nguyen is the 8th-place finisher

Blinds 50K/100K, ante 100K

Thanh Tung Nguyen, left with just under 10BB, open shoves from BTN with K♠️ 6♠️, Kaleci calls from SB with A♣️ J♥️ and Ushe from BB passes K♣️ J♣️.

BOARD: 9♦️2♦️ 2♥️ 4♠️ 7♠️

Thanh Tung Nguyen busts in eighth position and has to settle for a prize of CHF 4,000, while Kaleci consolidates his position.

Saverio Carfi is the seventh-placed

Blinds 60K/120K, ante 120K

Dritan Kaleci opens from UTG1 with A♣️ 3♣️ (stack 6.5M), "F.Y." flats from BTN with 7♠️ 7♦️ and Carfi, from BB, completes with A♦️ 6♥️ (stack 1.7M).

FLOP: K♥️ A♠️ Q♥️ (Pot 930K)

BB checks, Kaleci c-bets 175K, "F.Y." passes and Carfi raises to 475K. Kaleci calls.

TURN: 3♠️(Pot 1.9M)

Carfi checks again and Kaleci goes all-in for an effective stack of 1.1M, sending his opponent into the tank who, after a brief consideration, opts for a call.

RIVER: 10♠️ (pot 4.2M)

The river does not change the situation and Carfi closes in seventh place for CHF5,740, while Kaleci jumps into second place in the provisional count.

The stack situation before the dinner break:

"F.Y." 12M

Dritan Kaleci 7.8M

Azad Gozler 7.1M

"Yana" 3.7M

Dorian Use 1.8M

"CK" 920K

Play will resume at blinds 80K/160K, ante 160K.

"CK' eliminated in 6th position

Blinds 80K/160K, ante 160

From UTG Kaleci gets K♦️ Q♠️ and opens to 330K, "CK" finds 8♠️ 8♦️ from HJ and goes all-in for 920K, they all fold and Kaleci calls.

BOARD: 2♥️ Q♣️ 3♠️ 10♦️ 7♠️

"CK" has to settle for a CHF7,630 prize, while Kaleci continues his unstoppable run.

Azad Gozler out in 5th place

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

"F.Y." opens from UTG to 47K, Gozler goes all-in cn K♣️ 9♣️ for 2.5M total but Kaleci, from SB, finds himself with A♦️Q♦️ and calls while "F.Y." passes. It's showdown time!

BOARD: 10♣️ K♦️ 2♣️ J♥️ A♠️

Despite Top Pair and Flush Draw on the flop, Kaleci takes the Jack on the turn and hits the straight. The river does not change the situation and Gozler wins the CHF 9,760 prize reserved for the 5th place finisher.

Kaleci moves higher and higher, we're now playing 4-handed.

“Yana” ends up in 4th place

Blinds 100K/200K, ante 200K

Left with less than 10 big blinds (exactly 1.4M her stack), 'Yana' goes all-in with K♦️ Q♥️ from UTG and Kaleci calls with A♠️ 6♠️ from BTN, while the blinds fold.

BOARD: 8♦️ 7♠️ 9♣️ 9♦️ 10♥️

"Yana" cashes CHF12,420 and Kaleci joins "F.Y." at the head of the count with just under 70 big blinds.

The situation in 3-handed mode:

"F.Y." 14M

Dritan Kaleci 14M

Dorian Use 5.1M

“F.Y.” ends his run in 3rd place

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

Kaleci opens from BTN with J♣️ 7♣️ to 525K, passes SB and. "F.Y." from BB goes all-in with J♥️ 9♣️. Kaleci goes in the tank and eventually decides to call the shove from 4.4M, about 18 big blinds, and it goes to showdown.

BOARD: 6♥️ 6♣️ 5♣️ Q♠️ 7♠️

A magic 7 on the river relegates "F.Y." to third place for CHF15,770 and sends Kaleci into orbit. The two finalists take a break to discuss a financial settlement.

Break and ICM deal

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

After a 20-minute break, Dritan Kaleci and Dorjan Ushe decided to reshape the payout according to the ICM. Here are the figures:

Dritan Kaleci CHF32,000

Dorjan Ushe CHF25,000

The two contenders play for the trophy.

Dritan Kaleci runner-up, Dorjan Ushe wins the trophy

Blinds 150K/300K, ante 300K

Ushe opens with K♠️ 8♠️ (16M stack) and Kaleci (even stack) 3-bets to 2.5M with A♣️ 4♣️, Ushe floats.

FLOP: 3♦️ J♠️ 4♠️

Kaleci bets 1.8M, Ushe calls

TURN: 8♦️

Kaleci checks, Use goes all-in for 13M total on a 8.7M pot, Kaleci thinks about it and decides to hero-call with his Pair of 4s.

River: 3 ♣️

A somewhat risky call, also the result of the economic deal already reached, closes the game in Ushe's favor who becomes triumphant at the White Wolf Main Event!



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