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🇮🇹 Daniele Cammarata leads on Day1 B!

Entries 64/ Left 8

It was the second day of action here at King’s Resort in Rozvadov, where Day 1B of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event, with a guaranteed €1 million prize pool, took place.

This evening saw 64 entries (including 47 unique players and 18 re-entries), with eight new qualifiers advancing to Day 2, adding to the six from Day 1A. With 584,000 chips, the Italian Daniele Damiano Cammarata takes the spotlight. Below are his thoughts at the end of the day:

“I was card dead for the first few levels, then I had three crucial hands with the chip leaders at the table, one preflop and two post-flop. It went pretty well, and I ended up with around 600,000.

Is this the first time I’ve finished Day 1 at the top of the count? No, it has happened several times before, and usually, the tournament goes well afterward. I hope it goes well this time, too!”

The Top 5

Right after Daniele Cammarata, we have the Frenchman Axel Bayout with 440,000, followed by the German “PistolPete” with 365,000.

Not too far behind is the familiar Vladyslav Pohribnyi with 331,000, while his fellow Ukrainian Bohdan Shtemenko completes the Top 5 with 259,000 chips accumulated. Below is the complete list of the 8 qualifiers for Day 2 from Day 1B.

Unofficial Chipcount


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