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🇨🇿 Jan Kefurt is the best at Day1 C!

Entries 64/ Left 8

Day 1C of the Wolf Main Event here at King’s Resort in Rozvadov has just concluded, with ten players advancing to the next round out of 92 entries. The overall number of qualifiers now rises to 24.

The day's standout performer was the Czech player Jan Kefurt (pictured above), who will bring 715,000 chips to Day 2, securing the second provisional position in the overall chip count. At the bottom of the page, you will find the list of all 24 qualifiers from Day 1A, Day 1B, and Day 1C

The Top 5

Second in the count and fourth in the overall tally is Italy's Giulio Di Salvo (pictured above) at 600,000 chips, followed by Austria's Thomas Winkler at 455,000.

Completing the Top 5 are Russia's Nikolai Ogoltsov (340,000) and Germany's Daniel Roman Stroemsdoerfer with 322,000 chips.

Unofficial Chipcount

Overall Chipcount (Day1 A + B + C)


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