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🇩🇪 'Selli' is disruptive on Day1 D!

Entries 214/ Left 24

Day 1 of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event is over. The 214 entries resulted in 24 new qualifiers for Day 2 on Sunday. In total, 48 players have qualified for Day 2: 24 from the first three Day 1s (A, B, and C) and another 24 from Day 1D.

The standout performer tonight was the German player “Selli” (his nickname), who bagged an impressive 1,117,000 chips. Towards the end of the day, the German player was the protagonist of a dramatic rollercoaster ride. We had the chance to hear his story firsthand:

"I first lost a big pot with Pocket Queens. The action goes like this: I raise the 3-bets 2.5x and call from the BTN. The flop was 9-3-J with two diamonds. He checks, and I bet 65K (around half the pot), then he makes 150K, and I call. On a blank on the turn, he pushed all-in for about 400K, and I was so close to calling, but I decided to fold, and he showed A-T, a bluff. 

On the following hand, I decided to call the same opponent’s raise with 6-9 suited. We both went all-in on a flop of 10-8-7: I had a straight, and he had a set with 10-10. Fortunately, my straight held up, and I managed to double up.

The very next hand was the last of the day, and I won against a short stack with K-K against A-x. Am I a professional or an amateur? Somewhere in between. I’ve been here many times and managed to go deep in tournaments just as often. Hopefully, I’ll do well in this one too!”

The Top 5

As for the top chip stacks of the day, the German player Meik Klaus Schoenberg, with 878,000 chips, is second, followed by the Czech player Karlovarsky Král, with 622,000.

Another Czech player, Josef Dvorak, with 607,000, and the Spaniard José Caurel García, with 516,000, complete the top five. Below is the list of all 24 players who qualified for Day 2 through Day 1D.

Unofficial Chipcount

The Wolf Millionaire High Roller

Today, the €1,000 buy-in The Wolf Millionaire High Roller also took place. 107 entries were recorded, and 52 players advanced to Day 2 after eight levels of play. We want to remind everyone that registration will still be open for the first two levels of Day 2, with an initial stack of 80,000 chips.

The day's best performance goes to Darius Valentin Neagoe (pic below): the Romanian player managed to bag 450,500 chips, followed by the Italian Arturo Paduano with 325,000 and the Slovak Lukas Benkovic with 319,000.

Here's the chip leader's first impressions: "I ran pretty hot today, had a very good table, and the field was really good. I got a few gifts, let's say, from some players even though it was not my birthday. ;) After the High Roller, I will also give a shot to the Main Event; I just arrived today!"

Below is the complete ranking of all 52 qualifiers


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