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🇵🇱 Iakub Kaczorowski puts on a show on Day1 E

Entries 350/ Left 35

The first flight of the day, Day 1E, concluded before the end of the 16th level as the action was stopped upon reaching 10% of the field, as per the regulations.

In total, there were 350 entries, with 35 players qualifying for Day 2, adding to the 48 qualifiers from the previous flights. The best performance of the day came from the Polish player Iakub Kaczorowski, who not only emerged as the chip leader for Day 1E but also topped the overall ranking with 1,249,000 chips accumulated. Below are his immediate reactions:

“Right towards the end, I won 400,000 chips from him!” says Iakub, pointing at Florin Adrian Bilan, who ended the day with the second-largest stack, sitting across from him. “How did it happen? Open, 3-bet, 4-bet shove, and call: I had 4-4, and he had A-Q suited.

Everything went well. I think I played my best, taking full advantage of the situations where I could build a stack, and I’ll be going into Sunday with a nice lead! I’m not a professional, but I love playing live poker.”

The Top 5

We already discussed the second in the count, Florian Adrian Bilan (photo above), who bagged 962,000 chips, followed by the German Karstel Henschel with 699,000.

The top five are the Romanian Cosmin Dobrea, with 662,000 chips, and the Spaniard ‘JULIO’, with 598,000 chips. Below is the complete chip count with all 35 qualifiers.

Unofficial Chipcount


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