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🇨🇿 Ladislav Kellner takes down Day1 F!

Entries 417/ Left 45

After 16 levels of play, The Wolf Millionaire Main Event Day 1F has concluded, totalling 417 entries, including 311 single entries and 106 re-entries, bringing an additional 45 players to Day 2 on Sunday.

Stealing the show in the second flight of the day was the Czech Ladislav Kellner, who managed to bag 1,063,000 chips.

"In fact, before registering for Day 1F, I participated in the Super High Roller, but it didn’t go well. So, I decided to sign up this evening, and things went quite well! I’m not a professional; I love playing poker and am very happy with the result."

The Top 5

In addition to the day’s chip leader, another standout was the Czech David Vanecek, who had 722,000 chips, and the German ‘Secutor,’ who finished with 672,000 chips.

The Top 5 are the German Klaus-Peter Biehler with 667,000 chips and the Dutch Sandro Pizzanti with 637,000 chips. Below, along with some other snapshots from the day, is the complete chip count featuring all 45 qualifiers for Day 2 from Day 1F

Unofficial Chipcount

The Wolf Millionaire Super High Roller

Today was also the Final Day of the Super High Roller, with a €1,000 buy-in. There were 161 entries, including 131 unique players and 30 re-entries. In the end, Italian Marco Di Persio and Frenchman Axel Bayout reached a monetary agreement after reaching a heads-up.

Third place went to Frenchman Yann-Laurent Frédéric, who pocketed €14,067, while the two winners each took home approximately €31,000.

The Wolf Millionaire Main Event - Day1 King's Prague

Tonight, a Day 1 event also took place in Prague, totaling 87 entries comprising 59 unique players and 28 re-entries. The best performer was Pavel Baroncea from Moldova, with 705,000 chips. Below are the nine players who qualified in the Czech capital.


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