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🇮🇹 Egzon Krasniqi at the last gasp on Day1 I!

Entries 546/ Left 99

Day 1E of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event has just concluded, adding another 99 players to Day 2. Out of 3,257 entries, 377 players have qualified for the second phase of the tournament.

The top performer of this turbo flight was Egzon Krasniqi, who will bring a stack of 680,000 chips into the next round. Here are his thoughts at the end of the day.

"Finally, I made it to Day 2 after playing around 7-8 bullets, and I’m happy to have done so with a great stack! How did it go today?

Let’s say that the player’s eagerness to reach Day 2 greatly worked to my advantage. After building some chips early on by winning two hands that, incredibly, held up, everything became much easier from that point on."

Overall Chipcount + Seat Redraw (without Day1 I)


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