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🇭🇺 David Kozma crushed Day2!

Entries 3257/ Left 25

Day 2 of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event has concluded with 3,257 entries. Today, 25 players advanced to the final stage. 1,061 unique players and an additional 2,286 re-entries have crowded the tables these days.

Today’s spotlight is on Hungarian David Kotsman, who amassed a stack of 13,675,000 chips. Below are his thoughts at the end of the day:

“I ran well! I started with 525K. The key spots? I clearly remember the last one where I raised from UTG with J-J and a stack of 35BB. UTG2, a rather tight player, decided to 3-bet, and I just called.

The flop was J high. I check-called his bet, and on the turn, which brought a K, after my check, he decided to overshove with Q-Q, and of course, I called. There were many hands where my tournament was on the line; I was down to just ten big blinds several times—a real roller coaster ride!

Yes, I play professionally, but almost exclusively live. I played a lot online during the pandemic, but I prefer live poker because of the field and other reasons. And besides, it’s much more fun to play live!”

The Top 5

The second in today’s count is the German Herbert Seidel with 11,175,000 chips, followed by his compatriot Benjamin Meyer with 11,050,000 chips.

Completing the top 5 is another German, Bali42Two, with 10,675,000 chips, and the Romanian Mousa, with 8,000,000 chips. Below is the chip count and the seat redraw for Day 2 this afternoon.

Overall Chipcount + Seat Redraw


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