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🇩🇪 Phil Dunphy takes down The Wolf Millionaire

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Ewinner-ntries 3,407

It was a stupendous battle, which lasted for several hours starting at 2pm when the 29 survivors appeared at the starting line. Number 19 in the ranking, he certainly didn't think he would make it this far, considering the dominance of the two chipleaders Ori Hassan and 'Mousa'.

And yet the good "Phil Dunphy", resident in Vienna, step by step managed to put them all in line: "I'm not a professional", he told us hot on his heels, "but I met Leon 19 years ago and have always played poker for passion. This is the best place to play poker, winning here has a special flavor.

Yes, this is the biggest win in my career. What will change? Maybe my wife will start taking me a bit more seriously when I talk about poker!"

The tournament

We begin the tournament story at 14:00, when the 29 survivors report to the tables for the final day of The Wolf Millionaire Main Event, which offers a €150,000 first prize as well as a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event worth €10,000 for the top 12 finishers.

To rewind the tape and find out what happened on Day2 just take a look at our daily report by clicking HERE


  1. €150,000

  2. €79,800

  3. €55,600

  4. €40,000

  5. €32,500

  6. €26,000

  7. €19,900

  8. €14,000

  9. €10,659

The Top 10

Here are the top ten places at the start of the final day:

  1. Ori Hasson Israel 12100000

  2. MOUSA Romania 10800000

  3. CHEREMOSH Ukraine 9850000

  4. Lazare Kalebashvili Georgia 8275000

  5. Eyal Saidof Israel 7900000

  6. Gezim Nreca XXK 7175000

  7. Dragan Zivkovic Germany 6325000

  8. Marius Serban Moldoveanu Romania 6300000

  9. Florian Bock Germany 5700000

  10. ptzn Germany 5200000

Let's go!

Blinds 125K/250K, ante 250K

H - 4 p.m (first break) - Brief recap of what happened in the first two levels

Day 2 chip leader Ori Hassan tried to put the pressure on with his huge stack, but luck was not on his side and he is now down to 10 big blinds.

Italian Luigino Branciforte, who started with 4.5 million, surpassed 6 million thanks to a valuable double-up against Hassan: he defended his BB and checked with 9-8 on J-T-x, finding a straight between turn and river.

No glory for Michele Tocci, who shovelled for 11BB from UTG1 finding two calls: one from 'Mousa' with the same hand and a second from the Dane Simon Wilenius with A-K, who managed to jump to the head of the count with a triple-up

"Mousa", Day1 chip leader, who sits at the main table, managed to hold the line with a lower stack than he started with.

The blinds are now 150K/300K, ante 300K with an average stack of 6.5M.

Redraw 16 left

Blinds 200K/400K, ante 400K

H - 18:00 (seat redraw 16 left) - Brief recap at the second break of the day

The eliminations follow one another and two of them are really sensational: the two leaders in the count at the start of the day, Ori Hassan and "Mousa", are out.

If, as far as the former is concerned, things were bad right from the start, for "Mousa" the elimination is certainly noisier. But let's start with the first player out: Hassan was left with around 10 BBs and decided to raise/call from BTN with K-Qs, after SB's 3-bet with Q-Q. No help from the board and the Isreaelian finished the race in 21st position for €4,600.

A series of unfavorable crossovers sent home the Romanian 'Mousa' (photo above), who in the decisive hand found himself all-in with A-K against the Aces of the provisional chip leader, the Dane Simon Wilenius, who now boasts over 15 million chips.

At the outer table 🇨🇿Robert Novak (photo below), now at the TV table after the redraw, took advantage of the situation by also bringing in around 15 million chips. Branciforte is holding his own, as is the other Italian in the race, Bogdan Florin Falconi, capable of doubling up in a BTN/SB dynamic against the Frenchman Aubin Maximil De Kermadec, who open-shoved J-7o finding him with A-J.

Below is the list of players eliminated so far with their prize money. As a reminder, from position number 12 onwards, all players will secure a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event.

29th - 🇨🇿Jan Česka €3,250

28th - 🇩🇪“THEISENFROST” €3,250

27th - 🇷🇴Ciprian Panescu €3,800

26th - 🇮🇹Michele Tocci €3,800

25th - 🇩🇪Mr. Bird €3,800

24th - 🇩🇪Gezim Nreca €3,800

23rd - 🇫🇷Jamel Ghizaoui €4,600

22nd - 🇩🇪Dragan Zivkovic €4,600

21st - 🇮🇱 Ori Hassan €4,600

20th - 🇩🇪"Hajo" €5,450

19th - 🇫🇷 Adel Boulhadid €5,450

18th - 🇷🇴 "MOUSA" €5,450

17th - 🇫🇷 Aubin Maximil De Kermadec €6,300

Final table bubble!

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

H 20:00 - Brief recap of the action from 16 to 10 left

🐺We’re down to 10 players at The Wolf Main Event! The action slowed down for a while when there were only 14 players in action, as the first 12 will get a ticket for WSOPE Main Event.

All the short stacks were playing on the outer table and the chipleader, Denmark’s Simon Wilenius took huge advantage of the situation as he was able to apply a lot of pressure and call several all-ins with a discrete success. He's now ahead with around 39 million chips, 4 times the avg.

Luigino Brandimarte couldn’t hide his disappointment as he bumped into chipleader’s K-Q with his K-J, shoving for around 10 bigs in a blind war.

Here’s the list of the most recent eliminations:

16th - 🇷🇴Marius Moldoveanu €6,300

15th - 🇲🇪“SLAVUJ” €7,150

14th - 🇬🇪Lazare Kalebashvili €7.150

13th - 🇷🇴“Dulceața Globului” €8,000

12th - 🇫🇷Hacine Chatear €8,000 +ME WSOPE ticket

11th - 🇮🇹Luigino Brandimarte €8,975 +ME WSOPE ticket

Here's the provisional chipcount at 10 players left

1. Simon Wilenius 39.5M

2. Cheremosh 20.4M

3. Florian Bock 16M

4. Bogdan Florin Falconi 13.6M

5. Daniel Novak 13.2M

6. “Ptnz” 10.8M

7. Stanislav Litovtchenko 6.7M

8. “Phil Dunphy” 6M

9. Eyal Saidof 5.7M

10. “Apo96” 3.2M

Stevo Mihajlovic is the 10th place finisher, it's final table!

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Being short in stack the Belarusian ran into 7-6s from the chipleader who hit two pair thanks to a 7 and a 6 on the board and the final table was reached.

For Mihajlovic a €8,975 prize +ME WSOPE ticket.

The final table

Here is the link to the live streaming on our YouTube channel CLICK HERE

Stanislav Litovtchenko ends in 9th place

Blinds 300K/600K, ante 600K

Left with just 3 BBs Stanislav Litovtchenko goes all in with A♦️ 9♠️ only to be called by Daniel Novak with K♦️ 6♦️.

The flop is already a sentence for him: Q♥️ 6♠️ 6♣️, only two Aces or two Nines between turn and river would save him but an 8♥️ and a 9♣️ don't exactly help.

Stanislav Litovtchenko is the 9th place finisher and wins a €10,659 prize plus a ticket to the ME WSOPE.

Daniel Novak finishes in eighth place

Blinds 400K/800K, ante 800K

Dynamic UTG1/UTG2, Daniel Novak goes all-in with A♦️ K♥️ for about 13 BB but finds "Cheremosh" with black Aces, and his chances of winning plummet.

Board: 8♥️ 4♠️ 10♣️ J♥️ 2♥️

Daniel Novak is 8th and wins €14,000 plus a ME WSOPE ticket.

“Ptzn” ends his run in 7th place

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

Another cooler against the Aces, this time it is "Ptzn" who puts all the chips in the middle with A♦️ J♦️nella hope that his 11 big blinds will double up but he has not reckoned with Simon Wilenius.

Board: 6♥️ K♠️ 9♦️ 3♠️ 4♥️

"Ptzn" cashes for €19,900 and a ticket to the WSOPE Main.

Florian Bock gets out in 6th place

Blinds 500K/1M, ante 1M

After losing to Phil Dunphy's A♥️ 9♠️contro A♦️Q♥️, Florian Bock was left with only 400,000 chips, less than a small blind, and found himself all-in from BB with 3♦️ 3♣️ against Eyal Saidof who came to the showdown with K♥️7♣️.

Board: 2♠️ J♣️ A♠️ 9♠️ 7♥️

Florian Bock finished sixth and took home €26,000 plus a WSOPE Main ticket.

Eyal Saidof out in 5th place

Blinds 600K/1.2M, ante 1.2M

Phil Dunphy opens with 4♠️ 4♦️ (23BB stack) from the UTG and Eyal Saidof (10BB stack) from the BB pins K♠️ Q♦️e defends his blind by staying about 8x behind.

FLOP: 2♠️ 10♥️ 2♥️

Dunphy bets 3M and Saidof goes all-in for about 10M. Dunphy thinks about it for a while but the pot is already 20M and he should only add 7.5M and eventually calls.

(Pot 28.2M) TURN: 9♥️

RIVER: 9♣️

Saidof is the 5th place finisher and cashes for €32,500 plus a ME WSOPE ticket.

Simon Wilenus out in 4th place

Blinds 800K/1.6M, ante 1.6M

When Wilenus returned from the break he found himself at the rest with A-8 in Clubs against 'Cheremosh's' Pair of Threes, being left with the crumbs. The spot that doomed him, though forced to go all-in from UTG (we are 4-handed) with 10-2 off finding the blinds call.

BOARD: 9♥️ 6♦️ 10♥️ Q♦️ J♣️

Phil Dunphy shows K♠️ 9♠️ and wins the pot, Bogdan Falconi mucks his J-9 and Wilenus sits in fourth place for €40,000 plus a ME WSOPE ticket.

"Cheremosh" is the third place finisher

Blinds 800K/1.6M, ante 1.6M

Phil Dunphy opens with Pair of Kings from BTN, and Cheremosh finds himself from BB with A-10 off suited and 20 actual BBs. The game is soon done and it goes to showdown, after all-in and Dunphy's call.

BOARD: 9♣️ 2♠️Q♦️ K♦️ 10♣️

"Cheremosh" is third for €55,600 (and a ticket to the WSOPE Main).

Phil Dunphy wins the tournament, Bogdan Falconi runner-up!

Blinds 800K/1.6M, ante 1.6M

Phil Dunphy is 2 : 1 ahead of his opponent in terms of chips and the epilogue comes preflop, with Falconi who, from BB with K-J off suited and about 26 BB behind, does not believe Dunphy's aggression and it hurts, since in that very hand he has Aces.

BOARD: 10♦️ A♠️ 7♣️ 6♠️ J♦️

A Dame on the river could have turned the tide of the heads-up but the poker gods decided to side with Dunphy and here he is below celebrating success. 150K for him, and 79.8K for the runner-up, plus a ME WSOPE ticket for both!


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