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Bumbelow excels at Day1C

Entries 274/ Left 34

The third flight of this France Poker Festival, which totaled 274 entries of which 206 were singles plus 68 re-entries, comes to a close after fifteen levels of play starting at 11 am this morning.

Bumbelow proved to be better and luckier than the others and took home 1,002,000 chips that earned him first place in the provisional ranking as well as the chip leading in this Day1 C.

"I had a really good run sun from the start and then let's just say that the table wasn't one of the toughest today. If this is the first time I end up as chip leader on Day 1? Why, am I the chip leader? 😃"

La top 5

Bumbelow's excellent performance (1,002,000) was followed by Germany's Felix Grossmann (969,000) and Slovakia's Vladimir Minarik (827,000).

The fourth place is occupied by Czech Petr Kubenka (796,000), the fifth by an Italian, Eduardo Barbato (767,000).

Giuseppe Dedoni was also excellent, sixth with 616,000 chips on his fourth attempt after the three missed yesterday.

Unofficial chipcount

1.Bumbelow Germany 1002000

2.Felix Grossmann Germany 969000

3.Vladimir Minarik Slovakia 827000

4.Petr Kubenka Czech Republic 796000

5.Eduardo Barbato Italy 767000

6.Giuseppe Dedoni Italy 616000

7. Prim Netherlands 600000

8.Mousa Awad Romania 598000

9.Maciej Tomasz Srutwa Poland 516000

10.Arnost Kopecky Czech Republic 497000

11. Loopo Germany 488000

12.ARMO 1403 Bosnia and Herzegovina 465000

13.Thomas Wegscheider Austria 453000

14.peso7 Slovakia 411000

15.Gianluca Cammarata Italy 403000

16.Krzysztof Buczak Poland 389000

17.Hans Leopold Bergmann Germany 371000

18.Mirza Sweden 356000

19.Korbinian Bierl Germany 334000

20.Nika Suladze Georgia 329000

21.FERNANDO Austria 321000

22.Christian Jakob Froehler Germany 312000

23.Cyril Liverpool France 234000

24.Faruuuuzz Germany 179000

25.MarkiMark Germany 178000

26.Robert Lenz Germany 176000

27.Omri Manheim Israel 174000

28.Marc Aurelius Germany 171000

29.Etienne Zeggai France 170000

30.Dennis Krusch Germany 163000

31.Paul Calin Ciaca Romania 160000

32.Davide Tamburrini Italy 159000

33.7andar Slovakia 130000

34.Jordan Domini Berlier France 123000


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