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🇮🇱 Ran Shahar is the IPS 52nd Edition winner!

Entries 4933

The Final Day of the Italian Poker Sport Main Event ended late at night, after more than 12 hours of play and a heads-up that was more enthralling than first thought, given the enormous advantage in stacks of one of the two survivors.

A victory of prestige and substance, the one we saw on this 5th of February 2024 here at the King's Resort in Rozvadov, which gives €208,000, a ticket for the next WSOPE Main, and the trophy to Ran Shahar, the hero of a terrific comeback over the Italian Biagio Morciano (photo below) of the "Betitaly" team.

Biagio Morciano, runner-up dell'IPS 52° Edizione

At a certain point of the heads-up, Shahar had just 6 blinds against Marciano's 90-plus... That's poker folks! And now let's read what the winner told us after raising the trophy:

"How does it feel? It feels great, I am so happy. Day 2 was very difficult for me, I was always with 6BB, then 2BB, double-up, then 6 again for most of the tournament. I only managed to reach the average in the last few hands before the close.

If I've ever thought about making a comeback? Should I be honest? Yes, because my style of play is very much based on psychology, on reading situations and opponents, while many had a different attitude and played more gambling than was necessary.

I got down to 17 million against 240, but I didn't give up and tried to play post-flop, you can see that from the stream. There was a heads-up situation where I limped from BTN, my opponent raised and instead of going all-in I just called. He had A-Ks and would have won the hand (and the tournament), but by playing post-flop I managed to stay in the game.

How will I celebrate? I'll go home to my wife and daughter, hug them and buy them lots of nice presents. And anyway, to win on a field of 5,000 players is something!"

The two contenders shake hands before the heads-up

The tournament

It took three hours of play to get down to 24 left, and roughly as long to reach the final table.

Here is the composition of the final table with seats and stacks in play at the start.

Seat 1 - Ahn Minh Chu 24.9M

Seat 2 - Matter Sweema 10.7M

Seat 3 - Adrian Ziemchod 52.1M

Seat 4 - OXYMORON 35.1M

Seat 5 - Adrian Modoran 12M

Seat 6 - Biagio Morciano 18.9M 

Seat 7 - Rachid Allouch 24.6M 

Seat 8 - Ran Shahar 19.8M

Seat 9 - Michal Skala 48M

Here's the final payout

  1. 208.000€

  2. 136.350€

  3. 98.350€

  4. 76.850€

  5. 60.850€

  6. 48.850€

  7. 39.450€

  8. 32.250€

  9. 26.850€

Final Ranking

1 Ran Shahar Israel € 208.350 + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

2 Biagio Morciano Italy € 126.350   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

3 Anh Minh Chu Czech Republic € 88.350   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

4 Adrian Modoran Romania € 66.850   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

5 Michal Skala Czech Republic € 50.850   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

6 Adrian Ziemichod Poland € 38.850   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

7 OXYMORON Romania € 29.450   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

8 Rachid Allouch Germany € 22.250   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

9 Matter Sweema Serbia € 16.850   + 10K WSOPE MAIN ticket

To watch back all the action from the final table CLICK HERE for the streaming on our YouTube channel! 🎥

The third, Anh Minh Chu

The other finalists


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