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'Erbse' tops Day1 C

Entries 133 / Left 18

The starter has been served: a further 18 qualified through the third scheduled flight on a total of 133 entries added to the 172 registered in the two previous days.

In the overall tally, 305 buy-ins have been paid so far, 8 more than the 297 of the last edition after the first three days of play. From today onwards it's time to get serious and from tomorrow onwards, with the double flight, we'll see some great things...

As for Day1 C, Germany's 'Erbse' (pictured above) took centre stage, closing his envelope with 722,000 chips and, as happened on Day1B, no player even came close to a million.

"The Day went really well, I ran really well! - said the chipleader - "I'm not really a tournament player, I normally prefer the cash-game. Is this the first time I've been chipleader at a Day1? I didn't know I was, that's great news! Anyway, yes, it has happened to me before but I am happy anyway."

La Top 5

Second in last night's provisional ranking is Romanian Cornel-Gabriel Pop with 722,000, a regular on the Eurorounders circuit. He is followed not too far behind by Frenchman Jeremy Chausson in third place.

Another Romanian and regular on the Eurorounders circuit, Silviu Baltateanu (540,000) and Dutchman "KML" (510,000) close out the Top 5.

Only one Italian also in this Day1 C as in the previous days: is Marco Deidda,11th with 340,000.

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇩🇪 "Erbse" 722,000 2. 🇷🇴 Cornel-Gabriel Pop 560,000 3. 🇫🇷 Jeremy Chausson 553,000 4. 🇷🇴 Silviu Baltateanu 540,000 5. 🇳🇱 "KML" 510,000 6. 🇦🇹 August Schlegl 496,000 7. 🇧🇬 Kostadin Mihaylov Mihaylov 406,000 8. 🇦🇱 Dorjan Ushe 396,000 9. 🇩🇪 Andreas Gann 369,000 10. 🇲🇪 "Miodrag Mileusnic" 341,000 11. 🇮🇹 Marco Deidda 340,000 12. 🇺🇦"zero All-in" 274,000 13. 🇨🇿 Petr Sedivy 243,000 14. 🇩🇪 Manuel Karl Scheibinger 221,000 15. 🇨🇿 "PEPI" 202,000 16. 🇷🇸 Lazer Gjergji 187,000 17. 🇵🇭 Jana Ada 170,000 18. 🇩🇪 "Stoney" 83,000


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