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🐺 Wolf Millionaire ✍️ Live Blog (ENG)

Updated: 2 hours ago

Everything is set for another fantastic adventure in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, where the “half-price” version of the Wolf Millionaire will take place from June 10 to 17.

After the success in Liechtenstein with a €700 buy-in, the new challenge is to fill the largest poker room in Europe again to give you another exciting weekend with our favourite game. Are you ready?

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Sat 15 - 11:00 - Day1 G begins!

Blinds 100/200, ante 200 and 40K starting stack: the first flight of the day, with 30 minutes per level, just began in the main poker room of King's Resort. At 5 p.m., there will be space for the second of the two flights scheduled for today, Day1 H; stay tuned!

Sat 15 - 02:30 - Ladislav Kellner is Day1 F chip leader!

Ladislav Kellner ended ahead of the 45 qualifiers from Day1 F. All details on our daily report at THIS LINK.

Sat 15 - 01:30 - Di Persio and Bayout chopped the SHR!

🇮🇹Marco Di Persio and 🇫🇷Axel Bayout chopped The Wolf Millionaire Super High Roller for 31K each!🏆 All details on our daily report at THIS LINK.

Sat 15 - 00:30 - 6 left at the SHR, in 78 at Day1 F!

The €1K buy-in Super High Roller is approaching its final stage: 6 players are still in contention for the first prize of €32,000, with blinds at 30K/60K and an average stack of 2.1 million chips.

Meanwhile, Day 1F has reached the 13th level, with 78 players still in the game. The blinds are at 3K/6K, ante 6K, and the average stack is 216K.

Fri 14 - 22:30 - Iakub Kaczorowski is Day1 E chip leader!

Day 1E concluded earlier than expected, as the 10% field threshold was reached. Out of 350 entries, 35 players advanced, with Iakub Kaczorowski leading the pack with over 1.2 million chips. All the details can be found in today’s report at THIS LINK.

Fri 14 - 20:30 - Last levels on Day1 E!

We’ve reached the crucial phase of Day 1E, with 59 players still in the game as the 14th level begins. The blinds are at 3K/6K, the ante is 6K, and the average stack is 240K chips.

On the opposite side of the room, Day 1F Speed has reached 336 entries, with 227 players still in the game at blinds of 400/800, ante 800.

In the Super High Roller, the 21 remaining players have just gone on break and will resume at blinds of 10K/20K, ante 20K, with an average stack of 620K chips. Stay tuned!

Fri 14 - 18:30 - Day1 F begins!

The second flight scheduled for today, Day 1F, started about half an hour ago, with 140 registered entries. The players will start battling it out at blinds of 100/200, ante 200, with an initial stack of 40,000 chips.

Day 1E, on the other hand, has closed registration with 350 entries and 96 players still in the game at the eleventh level of play, with blinds at 2K/4K, ante 4K, and an average stack of 140K chips.

Fri 14 - 16:00 - End of late reg at the SHR!

Late registration has closed for the €1K buy-in Super High Roller, with 161 entries, easily surpassing the guaranteed prize pool. The remaining players will compete late into the night, vying for a first prize of €32,500!

Meanwhile, Day 1E of the Main Event is underway with over 300 entries and 180 players still in action, while late registration will remain open for one more level.

Fri 14 - 13:30 - Day1 E kicked off!

Fri 14 - 02:30 - "Selli" is Day1 D chip leader!

Day 1D finished at the end of the 16th level, with 24 players advancing to Day 2. “Selli” led the pack as the only player to surpass the 1 million chip mark (ending the day with 1,117,000 chips).

All the details can be found in our daily report at THIS LINK (it will be available soon).

Fri 14 - 00:30 - Darius Neiagoe ends up ahead at the HR!

After eight levels of play, 52 players have qualified for Day 2 out of 107 entries. Late registration is still open until the first levels tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Main Event has reached the 14th level of play, with 41 players remaining out of 214 entries. The blinds are set at 4K/8K, with an 8K ante and an average stack of 210,000 chips.

Ecco il count completo al moment:

Thu 13 - 23:00 - Late reg ended with 214 entries. 69 left at the HR!

As we write this, the eleventh level of play is underway on Day 1D of the Main Event, which closed registration with 214 entries and 63 players still in the running. Currently, the blinds are set at 2K/4K, with a 4K ante, and the average stack is 138,000 chips.

Nella parte destra della sala invece il torneo High Roller è giunto al 7° livello (sono 8 in tutto i livelli in programma quest'oggi) e sono rimasti in 69 su 102 ingressi con la late aperta. 

Thu 13 - 21:30 - Over 200 entries at the 9th level, 93 at the High Roller!

We’ve reached the 9th level of play here at King’s Resort for the Wolf Millionaire Main Event. Out of 210 entries, 85 players remain, all vying for a spot on Day 2.

Meanwhile, the High Roller tournament with a €100K guarantee is underway on the opposite side of the main poker room. It has 93 entries and 71 players in action, with blinds at 500/1K and a 1K ante.

At the end of this level, in about 10 minutes, the Main Event players will go on another break, and the action will resume with blinds at 1K/2K and a 2K ante.

Thu 13 - 19:30 - First break of the day!

It is the first break of the day, with 104 players still running out of 158 entries after the first four levels of play. The action will resume shortly with blinds at 500/1K, an ante of 1K, and an average stack of 60,000 chips.

Thu 13 - 17:00 - Day1 D begins!

The fourth flight of the Wolf Millionaire festival is starting, and with the qualifiers from the satellite, it already boasts over 80 entries at the start! Blinds are set at 100/200, with a 200 ante and a starting stack of 40,000 chips. Let’s get started!

Thu 13 - 01:50 - 10 left, Day1 C ends!

Everything ended at the 14th level of play, as 10% of the field was reached before the 16 levels scheduled for today. Jan Kefurt, from the Czech Republic, is the day's chip leader. All details on our daily report are at THIS LINK.

Wed 12 - 00:30 - 18 left at the last break!

The action just resumed after the last 15-minute break, and there are still 18 players on the go with blinds of 3K/6K, ante of 6K, and an average stack of 205 K.

The top 2 stacks are around 900K and 600K chips: will someone score something more today? Keep it up to find it out!

Wed 12 - 22:30 - 92 entries at the end of late reg!

As the second break of the day is underway, the remaining 34 players are getting ready to return to the tables for the most intense phase of the day.

Wed 12 - 20:30 - 66 entries at the first break!

This is the first break of the day for the 40 players still in the running on Day 1C out of 66 entries as they conclude the fourth level of play.

The action will resume shortly with blinds at 500/1K and an ante of 1K, while the average stack is around 68,000 chips.

Wed 12 - 18:00 - Day1 C is now underway!

Mentre nell'area destinata a cash game si sta ultimando il satellite per il Main Event, il Day1 C è in corso dalla parte opposta con 4 tavoli aperti e diversi giocatori in procinto di registrarsi oltre ai qualificati proveninenti dal satellite (11 i ticket elargiti). Siete pronti a un'altra entusiasmante giornata di poker?

Wed 12 - 03:00 - Daniele Cammarata ahead of Day1 B!

Day 1B is played until the last level, and as the bags are sealed, Daniele Cammarata leads the eight qualifiers, advancing to Day 2 on Sunday. All the details can be found in our daily report by CLICKING HERE.

Wed 12 - 01:00 - Last levels of the day!

It’s the final break of the day for the remaining 13 players, with four more levels to play unless the number drops to seven. In that case, play will be halted per the rules since that would represent 10% of the field.

When the action resumes, blinds will increase to 4K/8K with an 8K ante, and the average stack will be 200,000 chips.

Tue 11 - 23:00 - 64 entries at the end of late reg!

Ci sono ancora 21 giocatori in gara al Day1 B del Wolf Millionaire su 64 ingessi totali al termine della late registration.

I giocatori si stanno godendo un quarto d'ora di pausa prima di ritornare in azione ai bui 1.5K/3K, ante 3K con un average stack di 120K.

Tue 11 - 20:00 - 34 left after the first break!

There are still 34 players on the go out of 46 entries at the 5th level of play, which just began with blinds 400/800, ante 800 and a 52K average stack.

Tue 11 - 18:00 - Day1 B begins!

Everything is set for Day 1B at the upper level of the King’s Resort, typically reserved for cash game tables. “Sofa King” was the only player to bag a stack of over 50 big blinds last night. Who will surpass that today? Stay tuned to find out!

Tue 11 - 02:55 - "Sofa King" is Day1 A chip leader!

With a stack of 895,000 chips, the Czech "Sofa King" ended up ahead of the count with 3 times the average stack, around 300K. All details will be shown on our daily report at THIS LINK.

Tue 11 - 00:45 - 14h level, 8 left!

We just got in the 14th level of play out of the 16 scheduled for today, and there are only eight players left out of 46 entries.

The direction has shortened blind levels to 20 instead of 30 minutes, as we haven't crossed 50 entries. We are now playing at 4K/8K blinds, ante 8K, with a 230K average stack.

There is no glory for the Italian regular Marco Di Persio, who reached the last table but didn't double up his stack. Within a few levels (or three eliminations), the day will end.

Mon 10 - 23:00 - 14 left at the 9th level!

This is the second-to-last available level to get in or re-enter with blinds 1K/2K, ante 2K, and an average stack of 122 K. We have 14 players in action at the moment, divided into two tables. All survivors are now having a 15-minute break, so the action will restart with blinds 1.5K/3K and ante 3K!